Who we are

We are a technology-oriented innovation consultancy and a preferred partner for technology and market intelligence supporting clients from a wide range of industries since 2010.

We successfully supported our clients with our proven processes, tailor-made methodologies and comprehensive market and technology knowledge in more than 350 projects.

What we deliver

We strengthen our client’s (innovation) pipeline, increase throughput and accelerate new product development to reduce risk and create business growth.

We enable personal access to potential new customers or technology solution providers according to your individual needs with first-hand market insights.

We recommend suitable measures, next steps and potential partners as part of our project deliverables to facilitate profound strategic decisions.

Trusted partner for clients

We started as a management buy-out from Cambridge (UK) based management consultancy in 2010 and thus we are more than 13 years in business.

Our boutique-style technology- and market advisors consist of a core team of PhDs in chemistry, mechanical engineering and business economics in our headquarter in Darmstadt near Frankfurt (Germany). 

Additionally, we have a highly skilled extended partner network in the UK and US.

What we do

We combine our wide-ranging technology expertise and market access in content-rich projects providing first-hand evidence about potential of new business opportunities for our clients.

We deliver substantial benefits with tailor-made services addressing the specific technology or market challenges of our clients across many industries.

We provide detailed insights into trends, technologies, and markets – using our proven approach combining secondary research and tailor-made interviews as well as AI-based tools.


Projects in different industries

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals
ITICON derived innovation strategy from prioritized growth fields for oil and gas chemicals and services provider

ITICON advised major automotive manufacturer on potential new process technology for catalysts

ITICON evaluated various carbon dioxide emission scenarios and their potential impact onto CCUS (carbon capture, utilization and storage) for a global chemical company

Consumer goods
ITICON identified solutions to protect clothes and textiles against undesired staining from sunscreen products

ITICON supported a large pharmaceutical company in development of drug delivery devices for nanobodies

ITICON conducted assessment of 3D concrete printing market status for global raw materials manufacturer

Global Reach 

Projects on three continents


ITICON evaluated recycling opportunities for pharma primary packaging for a Swiss-based pharma company as alternative to waste incineration

ITICON provided technology and partner assessment for hard magnetic materials and the substitution of rare-earth metals for German car manufacturer

North America

ITICON supported an US-based polymer manufacturer with a trend-based business opportunity identification program for future growth opportunities beyond TPU

ITICON derived innovation strategy from prioritized growth fields for US-based unit of an oil and gas chemicals and services provider

Near/Middle East and India

ITICON identified potential fields of interest and unmet needs for a leading Israelian agrochemical company within the emerging topic of vertical farming

ITICON helped major Indian chemical intermediate manufacturer to identify growth options for specific technology platform outside of China


Advising clients since 13 years

 “At ITICON, my team and I stand for identifying and evaluating ideas and technologies that create value for your business especially in new sustainability-driven markets.”

Dr. Nadja Böschen, Managing Director

“Since founding ITICON in 2010 we have become the first contact point for all market and technology related challenges of our clients that are not being addressed internally.”

Dr. Horst K. Mischo, Managing Director & Founder